Effects to Hospitality and Ways to Combat your Recruitment Drive

Logan Walden (Director)

16 Apr 2022

Get Your Hospitality Recruitment Moving

Hospitality is Moving


Recruitment has been a pain point for a range of businesses small-large in finding the best people possible. It has always been hard in being able to finding the best possible people, that will remain in the business for a maximum of 2 years.

However, one of the key components here is to ensure that businesses are looking into the right platforms, this is where we must harness the best possible ways to reach the right demographic to continue to grow our economy and the industries directly effected.

Due to the changes of COVID-19 this is an amazing opportunity to start utilising social media for marketing with your roles, working with Job Boards however marketing your roles in a way that particularly focuses on the following:

- Personalised Ads

- Highlighting above Labour Market Pay Rates

- Career Development Support

- Future Focused Outcomes

These are four areas that we have found through our research that people in the Hospitality industry are no longer looking for part time roles with no security. Applicants are now on the search for their FOREVER company to ensure that ongoing work, ongoing career development and care is put into their employment.

To find out how we can assist your hospitality business to formulate a plan in relation to Career Development make contact with us today to get the best advice tailored to your business and the future of your people.

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